Emergency Alerts

One touch of a button can alert your friends and family to your whereabouts via text, email, phone call, and even Facebook.

Real-Time Streaming

Audio, images, and GPS data collected with your phone during an emergency are captured instantly and stored in the cloud.

Works Globally

SOS+ works anywhere cell data or WiFi is available, and has been field tested with satellite comms during the Libya Civil War.

Who Uses Plerts?

Our emergency technology is used by travelers, students, business executives, seniors, medical patients, government officials, realtors, reporters, and many more.


Need The Professionals?

Professionally staffed 24x7 international monitoring services start as low as $3.99/mo.

Our premium services can include arranging private aircraft, helicopter, boat charter, search teams, and more. Membership is backed by A-rated insurer at Lloyd's of London.

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