Successful Test With Travis County Emergency Response

Today we completed a series of successful tests with the Travis County Combined Transportation, Emergency & Communications Center. CTECC is a partnership involving the City of Austin (911, police, fire, EMS), Travis County (911, sheriff, constable), Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (local bus system), and Texas Department of Transportation.

Combining several state, county, and municipal government agencies together under one roof so they can share command-and-control resources is an ambitious project from an organizational perspective. The CTECC leverages an impressive array of technologies earning the center notoriety from around the world. This unification has strengthened the Travis County area’s emergency communications and traffic management.

Breakthrough in civilian personal security.

The CTECC was excited to have first-hand experience with a service in market today that represents next-generation 911 specifications still being discussed by the federal government. Valuable feedback from ER response veterans has been implemented into this product to better assist distressed civilians and the emergency responders dispatching aid.

How many smartphone apps can say that? Only one.

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