Austin Company Launches Security App For Smartphones

AUSTIN (KXAN) – An Austin company has launched a mobile personal security application for the iPhone.

BuddyGuard was created my MPower Labs and offers the user a safety net when they are going into a dangerous situation alone.

“Unfortunately bad people exist, so this is just an extra layer of protection just like turning on the alarm on your car,” said Colin Anawaty. “This is your alarm when you’re walking back to it.”

An Instant Protection feature allows a mobile device to record audio and snap pictures. If the user does not check in with a pre-selected network of “buddies” in a certain time they select, an email, text, and phone call immediately goes to everyone in the network.

“You can rest assured that if something bad were to go down, you can be sure that evidence will be transmitted,” said Anawaty. “This is a service that is very affordable and can potentially save your life.”

The application is free and is only available on the iPhone, but for $120 a year, you can also sign up for emergency support services though MPower Labs’ affiliation with GEOS search and rescue.

The application is set to launch Friday.



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