The Evolution of Personal Alerts

This month we will have released 4 applications related to emergency alerts, mobile security, and personal health.

Over the years we’ve refined the user interface from a complex set of choices, down to the simplest way to send an alert — not pressing a button at all. This post goes back in history to our previous products, and looks at how they’ve contributed to the platform and product experience that exists today.

2009: Plerts 1.0

Plerts 1.0 tried to do a lot of things, but not one simple thing really well. While building the founding for what became a personal emergency alert, we over engineered the product to attempt to solve a problem that didn’t really exist. Cumbersome to use and lack of focus made it difficult for non-technical consumers to use effectively.

2010: BuddyGuard 1.0

BuddyGuard is a mobile security app that provides a virtual “big brother” when approaching certain situations with added caution. We removed useless features from Plerts 1.0, simplified the interface, and added the ability to stream evidence from the phone to secure cloud servers.

After working with local emergency officials and multinational corporations protecting overseas personnel, we realized how powerful of a feature evidence streaming can be.

BuddyGuard 2.0 will be released later this month, and we’ve continued to reduce the interface down to the core components.

2012: Plerts SOS+

Our new stand-alone application combines the simplicity of one-touch alerts with the power of BuddyGuard’s emergency evidence streaming. The goal was to enable a 9 year-old child or a 90 year-old grandmother to use the service, and at a time when fear, anxiety, and confusion are at their peak.

Plerts SOS+ is the first application powered by the Plerts SDK. Any application can integrate the full-stack of our platform with just 3 lines of code.

Download SOS+ free on the iTunes AppStore. Android support coming soon.

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