Plerts SDK

Add the most powerful SOS service to your mobile app in minutes.

A value-added feature your customers can use freely with friends & family. We pay for all hosting fees. You earn up to 5% commission on premium service upgrades.

What Apps Can Benefit?

There are many kinds of apps that can benefit including but not limited to:

  • Travel Guides / Airlines
  • Health, Medical, and Fitness
  • Online Dating & Commerce
  • Education / University
  • Financial / Banking
  • Realtor Services

SDK for iOS

Get up and running on Apple iOS in just minutes. Integration requires just three lines of code.

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SDK for Android

Android support coming soon. Join our mailing list and we’ll notify you when the SDK is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay the costs of storing data and sending text messages or voice calls?

Nope! Plerts handles all of the cloud storage and alerting procedures via email, SMS, IVR, and/or Facebook. This service is completely free for you and your users. GEOS Response is an optional upgrade for users who need 24/7 call center or global emergency services.

How often am I paid a sales commission for GEOS Response?

You receive 5% commission on all GEOS Response upgrades generated through your app. We wire payments via PayPal every 30 days when your balance has reached $100 or more.

How does the SOS+ button integrate with my app?

Until a user configures their SOS+ button, it conforms to your app’s brand colors. When ready for use, it then turns red and displays “SOS”.

Why must my user enroll with Plerts?

We require a unique account in order to maintain a persistent identity across multiple apps for the absolute safety of the user. Should a user add a new contact to their safety net, upgrade to GEOS, or change a setting, it is reflected across all Plerts-enabled apps they use or may use in the future.

We do not sell your user’s data to 3rd parties, and you have access to the user account demographics created by your application upon request. However, we never share a user’s location, medical information, or other sensitive data that violates our privacy policy.