Professional emergency services so you can live to tell about it.
More than 2,000 people rescued in 18 months.

International Response Center

Our professionally staffed 24×7 response centers provide international emergency monitoring and security services in over 150 languages.

Global Search & Rescue

Private air charter, search teams, and more may be required to bring you to safety. Get up to $100,000 to pay for search and rescue costs.

Global Medical Evacuation

Get up to $1,000,000 to pay for medical expenses to get from the place of any incident to your chosen or home hospital wherever it may be.

International Coverage

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24×7 Professional Response
International Monitoring Center
24×7 Professional Response
International Monitoring Center
24×7 Professional Responders
International Monitoring Center
- Up to $50,000† in
Global Search & Rescue
Up to $100,000† in
Global Search & Rescue
- - Up to $1,000,000‡ in
Medical Evacuation
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Membership benefits backed by A-rated insurer at the Lloyd’s of London

† Search and rescue limitations

GEOS SARS is limited to $50,000 in a single incident. Entitlement will not apply in the following circumstances: 1) Circumstances which could have reasonably been anticipated at the date the trip began such as forecast of adverse weather conditions. 2) Emergency caused by inadequate provision or training or competence needed to complete the planned trip. 3) Cost incurred due to a pre existing or chronic condition or mental disorder of the member including self-harm or suicide attempt. 4) Emergency caused by any natural climate disaster. 5) Any cost incurred to emergency arising from riots, civil unrest or conflict including civil wars or kidnaps or any. 6) Biological, Nuclear or Chemical events. 7) Any costs arising from the crash of any private aircraft or any aircraft that has not been authorized as an airline by the relevant Aviation Authority. 8) Cost incurred by any member participating in any war or military action. 9) Costs arising from any illegal use of a weapon. 10) Accidents arising from sky diving without a qualified guide or sky surfing with or without a motor vehicle. 11) Accidents arising from hang gliding or paragliding. 12) Where any accident, injury or illness arises from the use of drugs or alcohol. 13) Costs covered by any other insurance policy of your own or; for any incident caused by a third party where costs can be recovered from that third party.

‡ Medical evacuation limitations

GEOS MEDIVAC is limited to anyone under the age of 75, and injury or illness took place at least 99 miles from your main home to the nearest facility. GEOS will make all arrangements for medical evacuation and repatriation. Both the originating and receiving hospital must be reasonably accessible by ground ambulance to transport the member to and from an airfield capable of accommodating an authorized aircraft. You must be hospitalized as an inpatient and need to be admitted as an inpatient at the hospital to which you are being repatriated. If the medical condition allows, you will be transported by scheduled airline while in the care of the GEOS medical team. Evacuation flights will be performed if you need to be hospitalized as an inpatient and the remaining inpatient stay can be completed at a hospital near your home. GEOS will cover medical expenses for stabilization prior to evacuation and repatriation only. The amount covered is specified in the scale of benefits as detailed in the benefits section of the policy. Decisions concerning the urgency, timing and most suitable means of transportation will be made by GEOS after consultation with the local attending physician and the receiving physician. Air medical transport services will not be provided in cases where: 1) A member is suffering with mild lesions, simple injuries such as sprains, simple fractures or mild illness which can be treated by local doctors and do not prevent the member from continuing his or her trip or returning home. 2) Is suffering from tuberculosis or other chronic airborne pathogens. 3) Has a primary admitting diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder, is medically discharged or leaves the hospital against medical advice and is able to travel on their own, is traveling outside their country of residence for the sole purpose of seeking medical treatment whether inpatient or outpatient, experimental or otherwise. 4) Is traveling following a terminal prognosis. Furthermore, members will not be entitled to air medical transport benefits if their illness or injury is a result of or is contributed to by the following: 1) War, invasion or civil war. 2) Suicide or attempted suicide or intentional self injury. 3) Alcohol or Drug abuse. 4) A members own criminal or felonious act, or sustained while the member is in a state of insanity. 5) A member with an infectious disease under treatment at the time of enrollment will not be transported for any condition related to that infection. 6) A member on an organ transplant list prior to enrolment will not be entitled to a transport for that transplant.