Personal Alert Platform

Emergency alert and response services for smart devices.

Our technology offers simultaneous alerting, GPS & evidence streaming, impact detection, secure and scalable cloud infrastructure, and professional emergency monitoring.

It works wherever SMS, Data, WiFi, or Sat-Com connectivity is available.

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Social Safety Net

An emergency response team made up of friends and family, and may also include your Facebook status.

When an alert is sent, the social safety net receives a Lifelink email, text message, and interactive phone call with group conferencing.


The Lifelink is a temporary web page that streams evidence captured from the mobile phone in real-time. All data is deleted the moment a user cancels an alert.

Impact Detection

Our technology can send an emergency alert without the user ever pressing a button.

By leveraging hardware in modern smartphones, Plerts SDK can detect when a user has fallen more than 1 foot, or involved in a bike, motorcycle, or auto crash experiencing more than 3 g-forces.

Professional Services

Plerts platform is free to use with friends and family as a response team, but that’s not always ideal in rural areas or when traveling.

Premium membership includes 24×7 international emergency monitoring, search & rescue, and medical evacuation coordination backed by the Lloyd’s of London.

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